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Serving Catholic organizations and Catholic leaders.  

Catholic Leadership Consulting.  


Catholic organizations are always renewing themselves to be most effective at carrying out their sacred mission.  That is true now more than ever.  


We love to assist in the determination of key priorities and a strategic plan, realignment of the organizational, building strong leadership teams, allocating resources efficiently, transforming the organizational culture and many more initiatives.  


We blend the best of Church leadership and common practices with the latest and strongest management practices taught at leading business schools.    

Our consulting work has focused on the following areas:

  • Organizational Strategy and Mission

  • Digital Strategy and Outreach

  • Advancement/Development/Fundraising/Stewardship

  • Culture-measurement and strengthening

  • Succession planning

  • Training and On-boarding

  • Executive Personal Productivity & Life-Balance

We would welcome a chance to talk with you about the challenges and opportunities you face or if you need a facilitator for your board meeting or leadership team retreat. 

Catholic Career Coaching Center


Catholic leaders are grateful for their many talents, experiences and opportunities and realize that these have been provided by a generous and loving God.  They seek to put these attributes to a good use.  We are privileged to assist them in many ways on this journey.  

Our Catholic Career Coaching Center Services are: 

  • Catholic Career Discernment - Did you know that there isn't a book (yet) for Catholic Career Discerners?  There are many good secular books on career transitions and decisions.  There are a few good books on Catholic discernment (but it's often focused on religious vocations or marriage vocations).  Our Catholic Career Discernment coaching helps Catholics bridge this gap and help discover God's will for one's career.

  • Catholic Leadership Coaching - There are hundreds of career challenges that leaders in general face.  Catholic leaders often seek to blend Catholic social teaching and management best practices as their make decisions.  It is a joy in our leadership coaching practice to accompany them as they live an integrated life and appropriately prioritize among their many goals.  

Catholic Recruiting Group


Catholic Recruiting Group ( is an executive search firm focused on helping Catholic organizations recruit exceptional leaders to help them advance their mission.  

Catholic Recruiting Group's is the only retained search firm exclusively focused on helping Catholic organizations.  

We help Bishops, Vicars General, CFOs, Deans, and Board Search Committees hire lay CEOs, presidents, executive directors, CFOs, cabinet members, school presidents and principals, VPs of Development, Deans, Associate Deans and many other roles.  

We also specialize in interviewing and evaluating Catholics for any leadership role, both from their ability to transition into Church leadership as well as their mission fit, and cultural fit to be a recognized leader of your organization.  We rely on our proprietary evaluation process for Catholic identity and Mission Fit.  


Every good search firm can help you hire for skill.  Because of our experience, we also can speed your process of hiring for fit with your organization's Catholic culture and especially a candidate's personal fit with the mission of the Church. 

Our Catholic Mission-Fit Recruiting Services are:

  • Retained Executive Search (Our main service)

  • Recruitment Planning (Consulting) 

    • Forming a great search committee

    • Developing a powerful position posting

    • Determining the right salary range

    • Selecting an "ideal candidate" and prioritizing key attributes

    • Which lakes to fish?  Where to find ideal candidates and nominators.

    • Avoiding big time-wasters in searches

    • Processing applicants effectively

    • Milestones & Metrics - Know when your search is on or off-track (and what to do about it)

  • Recruitment Marketing (Consulting)

    • Promoting the position well​

    • Contacting nominators and getting them to return your call.

    • Building great momentum through getting people to share your search

  • Recruitment Interviewing (Consulting)

    • Processing applicants effectively​

    • Using Skype/Video interviewing to save time and build momentum

    • Putting together a great process for semi-finalists and finalists

    • Negotiating offers and winning your desired candidate.

  • Recruiting Re-Boot (Consulting)

    • Diagnosing the issues with your current search and prescribing next steps​

    • Determining whether to continue search or launch a new search

  • Succession Planning (Consulting)

  • Board Member Recruiting 

    • Helps organizations recruit their ideal board of directors​

  • General Recruitment Consulting

    • Meet with you or your search committee weekly to keep the search on track​

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